Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jack's Sunday Paper



Virtual Barbershop
Barack, Paper Scissors
How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension
Obama's First Week
Great Driving


The Fresh Prince OF The Whitehouse
The Real Video Game
Monkey Joke
Butt Dust (Read The Whole Thing)
Failures And Successes Of Bush's Time In Office
Introducing The iPhone Shuffle
The Smith, And The Johnson Baby
Tom Feeds The Homeless
The End
25 Ways To Tell Your Grown Up
My Turban Is Dirty
HAHAHAHAHA: Guy Gets Back At Carjackers
A New View Of The Inauguration
Ellen In Her "Hawaii Chair"
Purest Form Of Art
New Years Glasses
Life Summerized In Four Bottles
An Investor's Mind
The Rejection Hotline
Bread Truck

Funny And Cool:

When Engineers Have Dogs
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Ways To Beat Boredom

Addicting Games:

Road Block


If You Let Go Of The Leash

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