Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jack's Sunday Paper

5 Creepy Beach Sculptures To Scare Off Sunbathers
Drunk-Tilted Room
EXTREMLY Addicting Game: Frantic
Rednecks For Obama
The Wistle Frequency
Kaleidoscope Painter
I Love My Computer
Action Figures
General Makeup Of Techno Songs
An Abstinence Program That Just Might Work
You Love Me
HAHAHAHA! Santa Swarm
Mega PEZ
Urban Camping
Sleepy 2
Crazy Facts
President Bush Answers Questions
Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Guide
Plot Scenario Generater
Reaction Time Trainer
Addicting Game: Jelly Jumper
Freeky Test
Great Commercial
Ocean Liner In The Sky
Are American Really That Stupid?
Percentage Of Chart Which Resembles Pac-Man
Land Good, Water Bad!
Addicting Game: Sola Rola
Coal For Christmas
Buried For Real
Well This Screwed Up My Day
White Dog
When Napolean, and Pedro Were Kids
Rexley's Gun
The Tree-Pee
Ducking Projectiles Is A Real Skill
This Is What The 2008 Electoral Map Would Look Like If The Election Were Decided By 18-29 Year Olds
2 Kittens, 1 Crack
Major Internal Structure Of Lightning McQueen
The Pet Diaries
The Engineer And The Talking Frog

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